Have The Positive Mentality

A positive attitude/mentality is what you need for you to get the best out of yourself, out of your relationship, and out of your business. Stop corrupting your supercomputer(your mind) with negativities; instead, step into the world of positive thinking. No one is capable of making you small. You and only you can be your…

Within You Lies The Power

You have untapped potential inside of you .   You have the power to achieve all of your dreams and all of your goals. Stop belittling yourself; you are stronger than you think you are. Prepare yourself to be uplifted with this new book written by Aniekan Victor- WHY YOU’RE STILL A FAILURE- for only…

It’s all in your mind

The World doesn’t control who you are, Your success is determined by how you create your World with your mind!! Get your $4 ready to get the book, Why You’re still a failure by Aniekan Victor on December 20th Now

Be Bold, Be Fearless

To be an effective, you have to learn to be bold, to be Fearless. This will make you more decisive, and make everyone trust your decision-making.

New Book News!!

As you know, I am a writer. I am working on a new book Titled,’Why You Are Still A Failure‘ This book was inspirited after I saw how many people still suffer from this enemy called failure. After months of research, I came to know the reasons why people fail So I encourage you to…

Starry Sky

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Enamoured I look up At the starry sky The twinkling embers Send back a hi   A surreal blanket Encircling my head Deep into the galaxy Don’t know where it led   Illuminating the darkness By shining so bright Flashing pinpricks So far from sight   Beacons of hope…

Deep Thought

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If you confused what to do what to not to do go with your instinct.

Happy or/and Sad

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    Is the purpose of life To be happy or/and sad? Or is it to be neutrally happy Detached from the tentacles of the mind? To detach us from I and mine To surrender to Him and His? To walk in the will of God To become One…

“The Rules”??? Follow “The Laws” Man!!

Hello!! It’s another weekend and another time victorlovesecrets World will be bursting through with likes, shares and comments. Don’t be shy to start up a conversation. Today’s post is going to be somewhat practical: Try imagining you having a plate of soup, and in front of you is two boxes. In one box contains salt;…


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Hey everyone out there! Hope y’all doing great!💗💙 So today I’m gonna share some of the success mantras! So without wasting a single second let’s get started.. Here we go! 1. DON’T FEAR. Fear is just a negative assumption of our mind. If something feels right in your heart,…