Be Fucking Fearless!!

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Face Your Boldness!

You must be intrigued at the title of today’s post. What is Aniekan Victor trying to say? Face my Boldness? I haven’t heard a word like this before… Is it wrong for me to try facing my fears immediately? Why don’t I just face my fears immediately? How do I face my Boldness? Do not…

You Are Enough!

These words pierced my heart and broke my spirit when I first heard them. Do you know in this large planet, no-one is wiser than You? Yes, YOU!! You are strong enough, You are wise enough, You are bold enough… Get out of your bed, quit sobbing and take charge of that situation. What differentiates…

The Blog For The New Generation

What Really Is This All About Victor Aniekan is set to start his mission of making the world a better place by giving political insight on the happenings all around the World. Believe me,you wouldn’t want to miss a post; although most posts will be through links as they’ll be pasted on his freelance gig….

Have you seen My Latest Book “The Viper” on The Menu Tab?

The political realm is still a mystery to many, but this book gives you insight on how elections are planned in closed doors while you struggle to exercise your civic duty Note: No country was taken in particular in the writing of this book. This is only an expository message to you.

Reformed Love Secrets

This is to inform you, my distinguished reader, that from Now the style and method of post in Victor Love secrets will be reformed. This is to make blog orderly and more attractive.

Not Doing A Thing Isn’t A Good Option – No hacer una cosa no es una buena opción-Ukungenzi Into Akuyona Into Enhle-Не делать ничего не хороший вариант-Ne pas faire quelque chose n’est pas une bonne option

Have you been in that cross road tossle where you mind is telling you to go, but your lips and feet are saying not yet, I’m not yet ready. This post is just for you . You really have to overcome that barrier your feet and lips are placing, and start talking. It is a…

Set Some Time Aside For Yourself

Good morning Secret World!! I am here this morning with a brand new secret for you. Have you been in a relationship that just seemed to take your all: your time mostly. Imagine you quitting that career of yours because your relationship or marriage is giving you enough time to focus on the career… Sighting…