Alsera by Silas Victor Aniekan

A corrupt nation has an ending no-one would want to imagine. But Silas Victor Aniekan has just documented it in this eyes opening Novel


In Reality PDF by Silas Victor Aniekan

Eze just met the love of his life. Just as he prepared to spend the rest of his life with her, something happened

Mind Game

I want to first thank all my followers and those who have been taking time to like each of my posts. Thank you very much Dr. Perry ,I am really benefiting from these psychological books


Transparency means degree of accessibity. There isnt anybody or any government who isnt transparent


Hopefully, I would have enough data to upload posts for the month Do you know what it means to be extravagant? To spend too much without thinking. Many people mistake making themselves comfortable with being extravagant;as a result plunge themselves into being stingy even to their own selves. It's just like one knowing that they …